Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Британского политика облыжно обвинили в изнасиловании, - сразу же послышались крики с требованиями изменить нехорошие законы. Согласно которым можно кого угодно анонимно обвинить в изнасиловании, - и если обвинение признано ложным, или хотя бы бездоказательным, сохранить анонимность.


Mark Pritchard, 48, said he was maliciously targeted by a former lover and called for those accused of rape to be allowed anonymity until they are charged.

The MP for The Wrekin said the law on sex offences – which grants alleged victims anonymity but not the accused – should be reviewed so that ‘fairness plays a greater role’.

Но один политик политики не делает, ага.

But Downing Street made it clear the Government is unlikely to revisit the issue after a 2012 review found it could interfere with the judicial process.

Хотя не он первый.

He was backed by fellow Tory MP and former Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans, who was cleared last year of a string of sex offences.

Mr Evans said: ‘Sex crimes have a special stigma … I know the weight that will have been lifted from his shoulders … that has been progressively crushing him for the past six weeks.

Нужно чтобы все мужчины- парламентарии сидели в ожидании суда, чтобы что-то поменялось. Даешь побольше процессов!

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