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Савелий Балалайкин

В продолжение темы Эммы с матрацем


просто фиксирую за недостатком времени

Коммент хороший тоже


Sarah... this sort of thing is a long time coming.

and i assure you it is going to get "worse", in the future. i am an ex feminist. and now an egalitarian, and i have spent a lot of time in both "camps", if you will.

and i can tell you unequivocally, that the lid on this pressure cooker in about to blow.

as i said i have spent much time with feminists and MRAs and MGTOWs alike.

men are fed up of all this.

they are fed up of the shaming, the misandry from not just feminists but like-minded-women  the media,  the judicial system and the society as a whole that demonizes them at every opportunity. they are fed up of the false stats about "rape", and domestic violence. they are fed up of being beaten over the head with unending women's issues. they are fed up of hearing that they are to blame for "everything wrong in the world". they are fed up of being told they are "born-rapists", they are fed up of being told they are sexist, when they so much as criticize feminism. they are fed up of hearing how men are all sexist, and yet all they hear from us (women) is sexism about them. I.E. castration jokes, "gendercide" jokes, etc. and the "gendercide" thing is actually a serious consideration by some. if any of this were the reverse women would go bat-s--t-insane over it. (and well we should if it were the case).

men are fed up of not being listened to, when it comes to their issues. which are just as real and important as our issues are.

they are fed up of trying to tell us these issues and simply being mocked and shamed for doing so.

they are fed up of being told they are "patriarchal" monsters in a "patriarchal" society. (a "patriarchal" society that doesn't even EXIST!) they are fed up of  hearing about "violence against women" when in reality MUCH MORE violence is done to men.

they are fed up of "breast cancer, breast cancer, breast cancer" when roughly the same number of men die from prostate cancer. and most funding GOES to breast cancer. in fact breast cancer gets MORE funding than any other disease, on earth! they are fed up of being the disposable gender. they are fed up of male bashing. they are fed up of the wage gap issue, which has conclusively been proven FALSE! and yet is STILL perpetuated in the media and among feminists, and in society at large.

they are fed up of hearing women say awful things about men PUBLICALLY, whereas any man that publicly rubbished women would be beaten to death by an angry mob (not much of an exaggeration, mind you). they are fed up with hearing feminists say that they are "sub-human" and should be "reduced" at the least and "exterminated" at the most. (very NAZI-ESQUE, eh?) they are fed up of said feminists given credibility in the public sphere, media and even in GOVERNMENT!

they are fed up of these new GENDER-SPECIFIC LAWS that keep cropping up, such as "MANSPREADING" and the new little doosie; "MAN-CONTROL" that is now being considered. such laws are LITERALLY unconstitutional and violate civil and human rights!

in short.... men are just fed up!

ask yourself, if you had to deal with a world like this on a daily basis..., what would YOUR reaction be?

nothing exists in a vacuum. evidently feminists believe that they are immune to laws of consequences. did they truly believe that men would put up with this bollocks infinitesimally? that it wouldn't reach saturation point?

i am rare among western women, apparently. i actually LISTEN to both women AND men. and i am TELLING you, right here and now... this thing is about to blow!!  if we ignore this we do so at our own peril.

these men that i speak with, and the ones i read about and the one's who's comments i read, are not frothing at the mouth misogynists (as i'm sure they will be painted when the s--t hits the fan) they are simply human beings living in a society that vilifies them and ignores them. they are angry. as any woman would be if the reverse were the case.

they are simply fed up. 

it's just that simple.


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