Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Why victimhood is so popular in modern culture? It has deep roots in the history of humanity, starting from the ancient Rome at least.

Declaring yourself a victim is akin to bankruptcy of virtues. All the character assets and their negatives – shortcomings, flaws, weaknesses and vices are wiped out and replaced with the neutral one – Survival. One may start fresh, like a newborn. Or turn an ability to survive to a single virtue. It is similar to the entrepreneur who lived through the chain of bankrupt business ventures and still has the balls to start another one. But in the world that is so easy to forgive any debts it takes very little balls.

Cancer survival, rape survival. OK.
It would be cruel and inhuman to ask cancer survivalists - what other good qualities they have? Or ask a rape victim – are you really a good person?
The same did the Jews with the Holocaust; they started fresh, no debts whatsoever.
The ancient Romans were obsessed with collecting the virtues; all the citizens, from bottom to the top. But the slave being no citizen was free from that obligation. Slave may have none except the desire to live. And to live was to serve the master, single condition, no strings attached. Slavery is an ultimate freedom. Surrender your Self, declare moral bankruptcy, and you’d get welfare and five minutes of glory in the media of the gossip of the Eternal City.

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