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Будни нашего парламента


Ms Plibersek had asked whether Mr Turnbull could "confirm how much he will restore to the foreign aid programme after the cabinet he was part of cut the budget by $11.3bn dollars" in the last budget.

Mr Turnbull responded: "If the honourable member wanted to get a serious answer she should ask a serious question. If all she's interested in is making an allegation, making a political argument across the dispatch box, that is fine. But it's a complete waste of Question Time."

Unimpressed with the verbal jousting, she replied: "Mr Speaker, I'd rather have an answer than the mansplaining by the prime minister."

Within minutes, "mansplaining" was trending on Twitter in Australia, winning Ms Plibersek - and the word itself - both fans and critics.

Новый премьер однако оказался подкован в newspeak

Following the accusation from Labor Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek that Turnbull had been ‘mansplaining’ policy to her, the Prime Minister went on the front foot, and determinedly explained to Plibersek that her usage of the term ‘mansplaining’ was incorrect and offered alternate, more correct uses of the term.

“Actually,” said Turnbull, “that’s not entirely correct. I am not ‘mansplaining’ right now. I can see why you would think I was and it’s actually quite adorable for you to have thought that I was. Now, if you’d just calm down and take a seat I’ll happily explain to you why you’re wrong.

“You see, the term ‘mansplaining’ is often misused and when it’s bandied about too much it runs the risk of making you sound hysterical. Of course, we wouldn’t want that. You do good work and should be appreciated for that work. Fortunately for you, I am willing to listen as I am an enlightened person but it’s best for you to correct yourself before you accidentally make a fool of yourself.

“To ‘mansplain’ is to tell a woman information she already knows from a position of authority purely based on the fact that you’re male and consider that to be superior. There, that’s ‘mansplaining’, a thing I have never done. You’re welcome.”

The Prime Minister concluded with an offer to further explain these concepts at a later date, if anyone wishes to apply.

“I am actually well versed in most feminist texts and am more than willing to give introductory tutorials to anyone wishing to learn more. Of course, I’d offer this service to my male colleagues as well, I do want to be inclusive, but I don’t think it would interest them as much. I’d much rather talk to people already intrigued by the topic and help educate them on what they don’t know. Sometimes you just need a man’s opinion on these things, you know?

“Now, if you have any further questions or anything you need explained just ask - or don’t even ask, I’ll just tell you anyway. That’s the nice thing to do.”

Ms Plibersek's comment was not the first attempt by the Labor party to update the language used in Australia's parliament in recent days.

On Tuesday, New South Wales Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, ran through a list of songs he thought best summed up the previous day's purge on the opposite benches, which saw Mr Turnbull unseat Tony Abbott as leader of the Liberal party, to become the fourth prime minister since 2013.

He read out the lyrics to Taylor Swift's song Blank Space, saying it "really is a modern soliloquy on the Liberal party".

"Saw you there and I thought oh my God, look at that face. You look like my next mistake," he began.

День в правительстве: все ближе по духу к вечеру в студенческом кампусе. С одним отличием, - политический класс ничему не учится совсем, но зато дичает по нарастающей.

Нужна капитальная избирательная реформа, чтобы избавиться от всего этого дерьма.


Очень забавно про этого новейшего сенатора Sam Dastyari в википедии -

Early life and education[edit]

Born in Sari, Mazandaran province[3] to an ethnic Azeri father and Persian mother, Dastyari arrived in Australia aged 5 years. His parents were student activists in the 1979 Iranian revolution.[2]

After graduating from Baulkham Hills High School, Dastyari enrolled in the University of Sydney where he studied for a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws but soon dropped out. He has since completed undergraduate studies at Macquarie University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in politics.

Dastyari joined the Labor Party at 16, running the Labor Club while at university and becoming President of Young Labor.[3]


A member of Labor's Unity faction, Dastyari worked initially with lobbyists Hawker Britton. He was elected as General Secretary of NSW Labor in March 2010 with the support of the Transport Workers' Union (TWU), the Electrical Trades Union (ETU), and the Australian Workers Union (AWU).[2] Dastyari is a member of the Labor Right faction.[6]

On 21 August 2013, a joint sitting of the Parliament of New South Wales appointed Dastyari to the Senate seat vacated by Matt Thistlethwaite, who had resigned on 9 August to contest the House of Representatives seat of Kingsford Smith at the 2013 federal election.[7]

Dastyari supports same-sex marriage.[8][9][10]

Мультикультурализм, хуле. Весь релевантный интеллектуальный багаж у этого молодого, перспективного политика умещается в пяток популярных слоганов и популярных шлягеров. И это типа лучший из лучших.

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