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Похоже все, сливай воду. Реддит сработал.

На кикстартере пошли один за другим комментарии вкладчиков, теряющих веру ежеминутно. Обнаруживаются все новые пикантные детали. Например, у компании на самом деле нет никакого офиса. Адрес, указанный на их сайте и кикстартере - это адрес рассыльной конторы.

Но! Несмотря на это новые вклады продолжают поступать. Продержится ли кикстартеровский проект еще две недели, хватит ли у жуликов наглости и прыти отрицать очевидное вплоть до дня оплаты и вероятной расплаты? Попкорну мне, попкорну!

  • Creator Ralf 20 minutes ago

    My question is: why is in the demo video the (optical?) fiber deformed like a wire on contact with the hairs?
    With normal video speed you can't see that but if you use VLC video player and enable frame per frame view you easily can see that on 0:35 sec.
    Here a screenshot before contact on 0:34 sec: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151004/o6aeplzb.png
    And here the deformed fiber at contact on 0:35 sec: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151004/ieucrqma.png
    So what does this mean for this project? Is it a hoax or are there other explanations possible?

  • Creator Lyndsay Williams 24 minutes ago

    ​Here is the office of Skarp Technologies,


    It is also the address of​:
    ​The Mail Room Plaza Npt (FedEx Authorized ShipCenter)
    1000 Bristol St N, Suite 17
    Newport Beach, California 92660

    ​from here:​

    Is this an accommodation address?

  • Creator Teddi Moorman about 1 hour ago

    @Jerry - I just wanted to say I appreciate your posts, as they are informative and important for this discussion. I feel like some people are very defensive for no reason, which is not beneficial to those with questions about the product. We come to the comments section to see exactly what Jerry is saying, not to read 100 posts all saying, "good job," "this is perfect," etc., etc. There is doubt, and it is beneficial to discuss it.
    Also, side note, have you noticed that many of the replies from the company are incredibly convoluted? I am not a scientist, and I think they should think about that more before posting incredibly complex answers. (not all of them have been, just a few)

  • Creator Jerry about 1 hour ago

    @Lyndsay - I noticed the "kinky hair" also - where it tried to cut (but couldn't cut it so to speak). Of course the excuse for that is "hey, it's a prototype, what do you expect"!
    Thanks for the earlier link to Reddit - I hadn't seen that. Some people here think I've been hard on the team. I've just tried to be focused and analytical. If you want to see mean, man, some of those comments on Reddit are really harsh!

  • Creator Jerry about 2 hours ago

    @Lyndsay - thanks for the link on Linkedin. I'm not sure what to make of that, it's always hard to evaluate people by their resumes. I've hired people who looked great on paper and ended up being horrible and also people who looked terrible on paper (yes, I took risks) who turned out being stars. I always say that "good protoplasm is better than a good resume". Regardless, Mr. Pearce-Owen, who the resume says is "DIrector of Technology at Skarp" has several years experience at an UK Apple Store (in sales and support), a few more years doing Apple related IT consulting, and one year at Tesla doing "sales and delivery". Sounds like a pretty big jump to be Director of Technology at Skarp if they are really doing bleeding edge laser work - maybe he's a fast learner and talented?

  • Creator Lyndsay Williams about 2 hours ago

    ​The CEO refers to some backers as "budding physicists", ​some people here actually are physicists.
    ​There are some balanced and sensible comments here on Hackaday:

    I still can't understand why in the "yellow" video, the audio is removed, does cutting hair sizzle? Also the hair cut off is curled at the end, which implies heat or maybe a nichrome wire used?

    If the technology is patented, it can be revealed to the public from the day of filing, in the USA.

    Please show some third party scientific peer review of this science, as many people including me, would love to buy this razor.

    Kickstarter is not for funding R&D, but for getting prototypes in production.

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